Smoking Study

Smoking Study

Volunteer Research Group is currently seeking adult smokers between the ages of 30-65 for a clinical research study. During this study, qualified volunteers would be randomized into one of three study groups;

  • One group will continue to smoke their current brand of cigarettes
  • One group will begin to use a non-menthol e-Vapor exclusively for 12 weeks
  • One will begin to use a menthol e-Vapor exclusively for 12 weeks.

All participants must be willing to discontinue the use of their current cigarettes for the e-Vapor products for a full 12 weeks in the event they do not randomize into the group that will continue to smoke their traditional cigarettes.

This study will require a total of 7 outpatient visits to the study center. Compensation up to $1075 is available for time and travel.

To learn if you might qualify, please complete the brief questionnaire for this study or contact a member of our recruitment team at 865-305-DRUG(3784).